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Facilities and Equipment


Department of Information and Communication

Virtual Recording Studio (F303) is the department’s most important facility. It aims to create a new vista for digital communication and to foster top specialists in the media industry. The virtual studio is a mix of conventional studio and simultaneous digital graphic technologies. It replaces the conventional background and scenes by combining blue curtains and 3D virtual scenery to creates lively visual effects, providing infinite possibilities of creativity, which is a leading mainstream in the new era.

Hence, with this system we aim to render students top talents in making of virtual videos, equipped with professional skills and sufficient trainings in programming, 3D animation and trainings in video making. It is for this prospect that we spent a huge amount up to more than 28 million constructing Virtual Recoding Studio.

        The studio is mainly used for the following purposes:

1.      Teaching: to cultivate well-rounded specialists in visual communication, information and computer animation creation.

2.      Cooperative Education: to intensify collaborative ties between academic and industry, and further animate the development of the digital content industry in southern Taiwan.

3.      Academic Research: to discover more potential and development in the domestic virtual technology and explore a new direction for video production.



Department of Visual Communication Design

        BFA students should decide to major in Commercial Design or Animation Design before admission. All first-year Design undergraduates participate in the same program, developing fundamental skills and sensitivities as well as personal interests and strengths. Throughout the next two years, students focus on their chosen area, building more specialized skills through a combination of required and elective coursework. In their fourth year, students integrate their acquired skills by completing two semester-long, team-based Senior Projects with institutional and/or industrial clients.



Department and Graduate Institute of Multimedia and Entertainment Science

Standard Multimedia Design Computer Classroom is used for multimedia and animation courses such as digital graphic design, film editing and special effects, digital sound effects creation, film music creation, 3D modeling construction, and 3D animation creation, etc. It is equipped with:

1.      55 high-level personal computers

2.      Professional animation workstation

3.      Dolby digital 5.1. channel studio

4.      Computer teaching broadcasting system

5.      Digital projector and digital audio broadcasting system

Creative Product Design

        In this new era, human’s life is emerged into a high sensor of creation and experience style. Our faculty means to educate student as creative and in highly sense of design, students will learn all of basic knowledge of product design skills. Our faculty has close industry connections, which ensure that our courses and subjects are contemporary and relevant to today's professional workforce.

        An integral part of all courses here is the use of the latest technologies of practice. As such, our excellent resources ensure that our graduates succeed professionally as they have extensive experience in using the equipment that their careers require for future practice.